Module Information

Career Catalyst (CFG1002) is a 6-week module that aims to prepare you for your future career. It will help undergraduate students like yourselves take personal ownership for creating a career path that is meaningful to you, and to develop a strategy to maximize your time at the university. Practically, you will also go through the process of crafting an effective resume and cover letter and learn techniques of interviewing and elevator pitch which can be used at career networking events. Through this journey, you will develop greater self-awareness (of your personal interests, strengths and developmental areas) and gain knowledge of and exposure to various diverse career opportunities and pathways. You will also learn the importance of planning for an internship early, excelling as an intern and discovering how it can be a crucial link to your future career.

~ Course Administration document

This course is CS/CU graded.


  • Lectures: 6pm to 8pm on Wednesdays (For 6 weeks)
  • Venue:

I took the version of this module that runs for the 1st 6 weeks of the semester. This module is run by the CFG (Centre for Future-ready Graduates) team.

Module Breakdown

  • In class Quizzes + Lecture Attendance 40%
  • Setup Talent Connect Profile 10%
  • Resume Score on VMock 50%
  root((Total 100%))
    Participation 40%
      In Class Quizzes
    Talent Connect Profile 10%
    Resume Score on VMock 50%



There are no pre-requisites for this module.

Module Details

  • Insights on hiring trends based on GES
  • Career Planning
  • CAR Statements
  • Structuring our Resume
  • Personal Branding
  • An Elevator pitch
  • Maintaining a Professional Online Presence
  • Interviews and Selection Processes
  • Frameworks and Techniques to use
  • Networking
  • Excelling as an intern.


For each of the seminar, the content is quite heavy if we want to absorb all of it fully. We are also not allowed to miss any of the Seminars to pass the module.


The main assignments for the module are:

  1. Setting up our Talent Connect Profile
  2. Create a resume and get a score on VMock

For the talent connect profile, we have to fill in our details. It kinds of feels like a LinkedIn Profile.

As for the resume, we have to create a resume and submit it to VMock. It took be about 6 iterations of my resume in order to get a score > 90 points.

I felt that this is very useful as it helps us to get a good resume that we can use for our future job applications.


Workload (4/10) Moderate

The workload for this module is on the moderate side. However, as the module only runs of half a semester, the workload is similar to a ~3MC module. There are 6 lectures that are 2 hours each. On top of the lectures, there were different assignments that we have to complete for the module.

Organization (8/10)

The module is well organized. It is an entire package that helps us to prepare for our future career/ internships. The concepts that I have learnt during the module is still applicable to me even after I have completed the module.


As the learning is more on the soft skill side. It is very hard to give a grade/ rating for this category.

Enjoyment (6/10)

I felt that the timing of the module is during dinner time, which is not very enjoyable.

Usefulness (10/10)

This module is very useful as it helps us to prepare for our future career/ internships.


Overall, I would recommend that everyone who wants to prepare for their future career/ internships to take this module. It is a very good use of time as it literally helps us to prepare a decent resume during the module.

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