Taken in AY22/23 Sem 2

Module information

In The Art and Science of Investing, we look at the science behind investing and the art of designing an investment strategy that will lead to your flourishing life.

This course will equip you with the foundational knowledge of core principles of Financial management, investing psychology and investing fundamentals via a blended learning approach comprising of six interactive e-lessons and live ‘Ask-Me-Anything’ sessions with industry professionals.

There is no examination for this module, but you are required to complete all assessment components by the stipulated deadlines in order to pass this module.

Important: Non-submission of any assessment component will result in a CU grade.


This module is own time own target. It is available as an online course. If you rush through the module, it will take approximately 1 day.

Module breakdown

Online course using PayMoolah 100%


CFG1004 Financial Wellbeing - Introduction

Module details

The objectives are

By completing the lessons and activities in this course, you will:

  1. Learn about the role and concepts of investing in good financial management and achieving life goals
  2. Understand how to maximize your financial management and investment journey with the 8 forms of capital model
  3. Protect your investment journey with the Financial Emotional Resilience model
  4. Design your personal money narrative
  5. Understand the different stages of financial maturity
  6. Learn about investment instruments
  7. Learn how to set up a brokerage account and the fundamentals of portfolio building
  8. Design your financial, investment portfolio and strategy

There are also 2 AMA sessions which we can attend and ask any questions we have in mind about investing. For this semester, the AMA sessions are on 16/2/2023 and 22/3/2023.

All components are to be completed by 26 Mar (Sun), 23:59 with no deadline extensions.

Online course

The online course is similar to the ones which you might see in Coursera or Udemy. We can learn at our own pace and our own time.


  1. 3 MCQ quizzes (20% each)
  2. 3 Self-Reflection Assignments (10% each)
  3. 1 Discussion on conNectUS forum (10%)


Workload 3/10 (Low Workload)

This is a step up from the previous module (CFG1003).

The workload is still very light.

Organization 8/10

The module is well organized. Every topic is clearly explained and relates to the next topic.

Enjoyment 6/10

Similar to CFG1003, this module is enjoyable but would be better if it was conducted in person.

Usefulness 9/10

The content is very useful and provides us with a concrete strategy on how to invest. Within this module, we will be taught:

  1. Growth Investing
  2. Value Investing

Which are 2 great strategies for us to kick start our investment journey. The module also teaches us about the 8 forms of capital and the financial emotional resilience model and changed my impression of investing in general.

Overall 8/10

Overall, I found this module useful for anyone who is interested in investing and not sure how to start.

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