Taken in AY22/23 Sem 2

Module information

This blended learning module aims to equip penultimate year and graduating students with (1) advanced career preparation skills to increase their career opportunities; and (2) essential workplace success skills to excel in their first graduate job. This module integrates an e-learning component and a live component (face-to-face workshop or webinar) and is structured around five topics. Through this module, students would be better prepared to create their personal branding to strategically position themselves for job applications, gain new career opportunities and expand their network and, more importantly, to succeed at their future careers.


This module is own time own target. It is available as an online course. If you rush through the module, it will take approximately 2 days.

Module breakdown

Online course 100%


There are no prerequisites for this module. This module is only available to Year 3 and Year 4 students.

Module details

The objective of the modules are:

  1. Define your brand
  2. Communicate your brand via Resume and Online Profile
  3. Networking: Strategies to Connect for Career Success
  4. Essential Interview Skills for Graduates
  5. Supercharge your first 90 days at work
  6. Etiquette for The Office and Remote working

Online course

The online course is similar to the ones which you might see in Coursera or Udemy. We can learn it at our own time and own pace.


  1. Informational Interview Invitation 10%
  2. VMock Interview Report 20%
  3. VIPS Worksheet 10%
  4. Reflection Journal 30%
  5. conNectUS Profile 10%
  6. Respond and Comment on Forum 10%


Workload 4/10 (Low Workload)

The workload is not too bad but a little high for a 2MC module.

The online course is not too long but the informational interview is very time consuming as you have to find willing alumni and schedule a time to meet them for the informational interview.

Organization 8/10

This module is well organized. At the start it shows us what a job seeker can do to perform better in interviews and securing a job. Following which, it teaches us what to do to become a better employee during our times at work as well as the expected etiquette in the workplace.

Enjoyment 5/10

This module is enjoyable but there are some components which are more time consuming.

Usefulness 8/10

The module shows us to to setup our online profiles (LinkedIn, Indeed, TalentConnect, etc) to leave a better impression and how to write a resume that will stand out from the rest.

It also includes tips on writing cover letters and even a template for us to use.

It also shows us a way to work on ourselves and improve our interviewing skills as well as our workplace etiquette.

Overall 7/10

Overall, I found this module useful for anyone who wants the following:

  1. Create a better online profile
  2. Write a better resume / cover letter
  3. Improve their interviewing skills
  4. Learn how to perform better and be more professional at work
  5. Learn about workplace etiquette
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