Many of my juniors are going on exchange programs to have fun abroad, but I noticed that they struggle to find equivalent courses for their majors. That’s why I decided to write this blog post to help them out.

Hope this helps others who come across this post too.

I will be linking the mappings for each of the faculties when I went for my exchange program.

There is also a link to google forms for the consolidated version of this mapping. Feel free to make a copy of it for yourself or even suggest updates when required.

I will also be talking about my own experience during my exchange program (academic wise) in upcoming blog posts.

Things to note

  1. The modules which can be mapped over might not be available in the semester that you are taking them
  2. The list of mapping is non-exhaustive, we can create our own mappings and get them approved via EduRec
  3. If there is a module that does not map to anything in NUS, you can apply for faculty dummy codes to get them approved in EduRec.

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